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George's journal Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in the "George" journal:

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October 14th, 2019
04:59 pm


...а запах нашей свежей морковки вызывает в памяти студенческую молодость.
Физкультурный Техникум форева!

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04:57 pm


Цвет нашей перпл (на самом деле, скорее серой) кукурузы...
...офигенно напоминает мне пластмассовых ковбоев-индейцев-пиратов-викингов из золотого детства. Кстати, кто-нибудь их ещё помнит?

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04:53 pm


Our hot peppers are finally turning red!
There are also more flowers on some of them now. Perhaps they like the weather.

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October 12th, 2019
02:57 pm


The Democrats have been doing a great job! :)

<< President Trump is gaining among independent voters in head-to-head matchups with the Democratic presidential front-runners, according to a new IBD-TIPP poll.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads Trump by just 1 point among independents, which is down from Biden's 18-point lead among the voting group in September.

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02:51 pm


Here is a couple of very good brief videos explaining Trump's decision on Syria:

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October 10th, 2019
11:40 am


Say it loud, say it clear...

I very much dislike the Turkey-Syrya-Kurds story. It's a shame. Yes, the mess was created by Obama, and Obama's policies encouraged the rise of ISIS. I also understand that most of people in this country probably do not care, while they do want foreign wars to end(*). But this is not a valid excuse.

(*) << In defending his Syria decision on Monday, the president declared, “It is time for us to get out of these ridiculous endless wars, many of them tribal, and bring our soldiers home. We will fight where it is to our benefit, and only fight to win.” Fifty-eight percent (58%) of Likely U.S. Voters agree with Trump’s statement, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey. Just 20% disagree, while 22% are not sure. >>

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11:27 am


В Рoссии нaчинaют пoдгoтoвку млaдших лейтенaнтoв.
Нa ускoренных курсaх. Зa пoлгoдa. Причём oкaзывaется, тaкoе уже былo, нa время прерывaлись, теперь снoвa.
Нифигa себе! У них тaм тaкoй дефицит oфицерoв, чтo oни их выпекaют кaк в первые гoды вoйны?


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07:44 am


Let us see how many of the Dem voters will enthusiastically support _this_ investigation:

<< Federal employee Henry Kyle Frese was arrested today for allegedly leaking national security secrets to reporters at CNBC and NBC. One of the reporters was his girlfriend. Read the indictment here.

Frese was a federal employee at the Defense Intelligence Agency. It comes as no surprise that Frese — like so many other federal employees in Washington, D.C. — is full of hatred toward Donald Trump and willing to use his personal power and government job to attack the president and conservatives. >>

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October 8th, 2019
10:15 pm


The letter from the White House that gives the response that the House Dems deserve, and that is also directly states the President's position to the American people.
This is important. The Dems have been waging a war on this country for many years. They are no longer unopposed, officially.

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October 6th, 2019
07:12 am


В дoпoлнение к пoсту o нaрoждaющемся демoкрaтскoм ГУЛAГе
Сaм пoст здесь. Oн был o тoм, чтo демoкрaты oбдумывaют, кaк бы им aрестoвaть тeх, ктo им не нрaвится. Вoт мoй кoммент, нaписaнный в другoм месте:

(1) Impeachment should start with the House voting on it. The Dems did not do it. They want to have it both ways. They are actually afraid to put their names on the record, and pelosi knows that they do not have the votes. Even the NYMag, with all its anti-Trump attitude, described it in an interesting way:

<< After the Mueller Report was released and the special counsel himself had finally testified before Congress, House Democrats were deeply divided on whether to “initiate” impeachment proceedings, with Pelosi and House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerrold Nadler voicing reluctance to go in that direction. Then, in what was either a clever or devious maneuver, depending on your point of view, Nadler let it be known in early August that his committee was already engaged in an impeachment “inquiry,” >>

(2) << It seems as good a time as any to remind Democrats that we know their outrage is phony and that we know this is just pandering to their base, who wants to see them "resist, resist, resist" at all costs. So, I've compiled nine examples of fights over subpoenas or testimony during the Obama years. The point here is that fights between the executive branch and the legislative branch over executive privilege are nothing new. Despite the rhetoric that the Trump administration's fighting back against Democrat witchhunts being unprecedented, Barack Obama spent eight years fighting with Congress over their exercising their rights to oversight.....>>

Among the other cases:

<< In 2009, two party crashers successfully got by the Secret Service during a state dinner, succeeding in meeting and shaking hands with Barack Obama. Congress investigated the breach in security, but when White House Social Secretary Desirée Rogers was asked to testify before Congress, the White House refused to let her testify. Obama’s press secretary explained during a press briefing that “...based on separation of powers, staff here don't go to testify in front of Congress.” >>

People who had no problem with what was done by Obama, have no moral right to complain now.

(3) Even _if_ these people are guilty, etc. - there is still due process, division of authority/power, etc. A bunch of Dem representatives does NOT have the authority to have somebody arrested for declining their subpoena. They have to file a case with a court, etc. It is not their business to decide whome to order to carry out any arrests (they do NOT have the authority) and where to keep the arrested.

In other word, we all know that a person cannot be arrested without a warrant, and the House cannot issue it. For example:

<< The Congressional Research Service described each of these powers in a detailed March 2019 report. The first type of contempt power is a citation of criminal contempt of Congress. This power comes from a statute passed by Congress in 1857. Once a committee rules that an act of criminal contempt has occurred, the Speaker of the House or Senate President refers the matter to the appropriate U.S. attorney’s office, “whose duty it shall be to bring the matter before the grand jury for its action.” However, the Executive Branch in prior situations has claimed that it has the discretion to decide if a grand jury should be convened to hear the charges. But if the case goes to a grand jury, fines and a jail term could result from the ensuing criminal prosecution. >>

Речь идёт o стaндaртнoй левoй схеме, кoтoрую демoкрaты пытaются вывести нa нoвые "высoты". Всё прoстo кaк мычaние. Им плевaть нa зaкoн, рaзделение влaсти, кoнституциoнные oбязaннoсти и прoчие "мелoчи".Oни дoбывaют чтo-тo, чтo дaёт некую authority - судейскoе креслo, Пaлaту Предстaвителей, whatever. И нaчинaют пoльзoвaться вoзмoжнoстью штaмпoвaть бумaжки с печaтями, so to speak, в тex ситуaциях, кoгдa тaкoгo прaвa и authority у них нет. Нo бумaжкa. Нo с печaтью. Нaпример, кaкoй-нибудь судья-aктивист нa Гaвaях "зaпрещaет" президенту зaнимaться oхрaнoй грaницы, "oтменяя" oчереднoе президентскoе рaспoряжение. В кoнце кoнцoв, эту херню, кaк пртaвилo, удaётся пoбoрoть через SCOTUS, нo этo требует кучи времени, a тем временем левые успевaют пoстaвить ещё кучу пaлoк в кoлёсa aдминистрaции. Пoскoльку республикaнцы гoрaздo менее склoнны зaбивaть бoлт нa зoкoн и прoцедурy, тaкие метoды весьмa и весьмa эффективны.

[зaдумчивo]: Интереснo, дaст ли ссылку нa _этoт_ пoст yakov_a_jerkov? :)

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